Product Media and its personalization techniques.

Branded merchandise is a huge part of any successful marketing strategy.

Promotional products or Product Media offer many advantages:

  1. A wide variety of items to accurately reach your targets: thank or reward loyal customers, encourage prospects, thank employees, introduce a new product or boost existing products/services.
    2. A long lasting impact, brand recognition and a high contact frequency to promote your brand image and increase your notoriety.
    3. Good value for your investment.
    4. Significant sympathy and reminder capital:  the more useful or original the promotional item is, the more it will be used. The more it will be used, the more it will be seen.

But their value also lies in the very wide range of available customization techniques.
A well done branding is an excellent way to reinforce your brand image and convey your message.

Here is an overview of these different techniques. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice and inspiration.

Pad printing: transfer of ink from an engraved metal plate on the product via a silicone pad. Most common technique, applies to most items.

Laser engraving: engraving achieved thanks to the heat of the laser beam.

Applies to metal, wood, glass, ceramics, some plastics, leather or imitation leather – PU

Embossing: marking of the material with a hot iron. The logo appears hollow. For leather and imitation leather goods.

Doming: full-color printed adhesive label with an epoxy resin. Choice of shapes and small quantities possible.

Digital printing: full-color printing directly on the object by ink projection. The ink dries immediately after exposure to UV light. Ideal for photo reproduction and small quantities.

Screen printing: printing through a silk screen placed between the ink and the item. For textiles, bags, umbrellas and some plastic items.

Cylindrical screen printing: screen printing on cylindrical articles. The product rotates on the axis of the machine and is printed on its entire surface. Applies to pens, bottles ...

Transfer: printing of the logo on a paper support placed hot on the article by means of a press. For all textiles.

Embroidery: digital logo sewn on the fabric.

Sublimation: printing by transfer paper pressed at very high temperatures, which causes a chemical reaction so that inks penetrate the material. Used for polyester textiles  and polymer-coated white goods.